Connolly and Landing Kids Move Up and On


Fifth graders at Connolly and Landing schools celebrated the completion of their elementary education careers and embraced the challenges of their next chapter in life: Finley Middle School. Before embarking on their summer vacations, each of these students received a diploma to signify their accomplishments at their respective schools.

Connolly Principal Rosemarie Sekelsky and Landing Principal Dr. Michael Israel reminisced with fifth graders about some of the fond memories created over the three years at their respective schools.

Landing’s keynote speaker, Sergeant Jack McDougal of the Glen Cove City Police Department, has been visiting the school year-round through the City’s PRIDE program, and reminded the fifth graders to continue to demonstrate good character as they advance in their lives. Connolly PTA Co-Presidents Kim Heavey and Liz Vignali provided similar words of wisdom and thanks to the teachers and support staff for their hard work.

At Connolly, K Kids Co-Presidents Heffy McMillan and Amelia Masio joined Student Council Co-Presidents William Casale and Tony Figliuolo in reflecting on the memories at their school. Landing fifth-grade class representatives Ali Awan, Stefania Lisena, Grace Tenke, Michael Martinez, and Talia Sakhaee did the same on behalf of their classes and school.

Talent certificates recognizing key collaborators, communicators, motivators, problem solvers, creative thinkers, and spatial (artistic) designers were awarded to class members at Landing. Citizenship and academic awards in the different subject areas were presented to fifth graders at Connolly. Additionally, Presidential Awards for Excellence and the Triple “C” Award (character, courage and commitment) were presented to students at both schools.

Every fifth grader at each of the schools received an elementary school diploma for his or her achievement. Similar moving-up celebrations were conducted at Deasy and Gribbin elementary schools to honor the achievements and promotion of younger students. Congratulations.