Administrators and Students Present at Board Meeting


Building administrators joined members of their respective schools’ Site Based Committees to provide a summary of their yearlong goals and accomplishments to Board members at the most recent Board of Education meeting.

During the Gribbin School presentation, Principal Francine Santoro and Site Based Committee members described how they highlighted the school’s theme on kindness through a song taught to students and a video compilation that allowed students to share their stories of kindness.    

Principal Nomi Rosen and members of Deasy School’s committee shared information on the school’s World of Imagination Night, which gave students an opportunity to show their parents the unique learning opportunities available at their school.

Landing School Principal Dimitri Kryoneris highlighted the school’s continued tradition of signing its “Bill of Rights” and its Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration, which focused on students spreading kind hopes and wishes for world peace.  

Connolly Principal Rose Sekelsky, Finley Middle School Principal Nelson Iocolano and Glen Cove High School Assistant Principal Allen Hudson also presented at the meeting, highlighting the wonderful activities at each of their schools.

Following the Site Based Committees’ presentations, Finley students shared the research they had conducted as part of the school’s newly implemented research program. During the half-year course, students selected a topic of interest and wrote extensive research papers on what they had learned.