•    Review the existing food program and identify and prioritize needs,  including but not limited to the possibility of additional nutritious food choices;

•    Visit other school districts to learn about their successful efforts to improve the lunch program in our district;

•    Investigate availability of grants to improve the school lunch program.

•    Membership to include: two (2) members of the Board of Education, three (3) teachers (representing Glen Cove High School, Finley Middle School, Elementary Schools K-5), three (3) Administrators (representing Glen Cove High School, Finley Middle School, Elementary Schools K-5 ), two (2) or three (3) Parents and/or Community Members, and the Assistant Superintendent for Business

•    The Board of Education Food and Nutrition Committee will be meeting on a monthly basis.  The Board of Education is interested in including two (2) or three (3) parents and/or community members.  Those who are interested in applying for membership on the committee should submit a letter of interest and include a statement as to why they feel they would be an asset to the committee.  Applicants should forward their letters of application, by September 16th to:  Victoria Galante, Assistant Superintendent for Business at vgalante@glencove.k12.ny.us.