Finley Welcomes Sixth-Grade Students


Administrators shared information on academics, class schedules and club offerings with incoming sixth-graders at Finley Middle School’s Sixth-Grade Orientation.

After the students were greeted by members of the administration and school guidance counselors, Principal Nelson Iocolano offered them tips and advice on how to navigate their new school. Members of the school’s National Junior Honor Society also pitched in, leading a scavenger hunt/building tour to acclimate them to their new surroundings. Following the tour, the students enjoyed a barbecue lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers, juice and snacks, provided courtesy of the school’s PTSA.

According to Iocolano, the day’s activities were critical to preparing the students for middle school, including “breaking bread” at the barbecue, which, he said, signified the students becoming part of the Finley family.     

“Our goal was to bring them together like a family to help ease the transition next week,” he said. ”We wanted to get them acclimated to the building and to relieve them of any anxiety that may have built up over the summer.”