Summer Enrichment Continues

Thanks to the 21st Century Grant from New York State to the City of Glen Cove, the Glen Cove School District continues to provide free summer enrichment for students enrolled in grades 3-8.

Approximately 125 elementary-age students and an additional 95 at the middle school are enrolled in the program, which is housed at Finley Middle School this year. Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. during the summer months, students participate in literacy, math and science instruction on a daily basis. Following an hour of lunch, they engage in arts and crafts and physical/recreational activities outdoors for the remainder of the day. Each Friday, students participate in different field trips.

In Bianca Mercado’s class, soon-to-be fourth graders read stories as part of the class Book Club and wrote their own diaries, emulating a character from the story. Students documented what happened to their characters as if the book were real life and they were experiencing it for themselves. Others in the class used Venn Diagrams to illustrate the relationships between their characters and the plots of their respective books. Meanwhile, across the hall, teacher Ken Altamariano was teaching students about floatation as part of the day’s science lesson, using objects that they had gathered from outside.

Summer enrichment through the 21st Century Grant is available to every student in grades 3-8 residing in the district. The grant also provides a similar afterschool program for students enrolled in the Glen Cove School District during the course of the year.