A Reunion at Landing

Landing Elementary School teacher Helen Greene met with students from her 1964 fourth-grade class during a reunion that included heartfelt reminiscing and a school tour.
The meeting was organized by Landing alumni David Summergrad, Pam Donaldson Panzenbeck and Debbie Sturm Rausch, with assistance from Dr. Michael Israel, assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction and technology. The visit began with Dr. Israel giving 14 of Greene’s former students a tour of the building, which included a stop in their fourth-grade classroom. Rausch described the experience as “incredible.”
“We were instantly transported back in time to the childhood in Glen Cove that we knew and loved,” Rausch said. “We immediately knew which one was our classroom and were excited to see the desks are still set up in clusters of four.”
Summergrad described the reunion as special and unique and took time to make a historical connection.

“Our original class photo was taken at the height of the Cold War,” he said. “It’s interesting that we gathered 53 years later as the United States and Cuba have just re-established diplomatic relations.”     

After their visit to Landing, Greene and her students enjoyed lunch at the View Grill in Glen Cove. Those in attendance had a wonderful time reconnecting with their childhood classmates and teacher.