STEM and APPR Presentations at BOE Meeting

Members of the Glen Cove Board of Education were provided with information on New York State’s new Annual Professional Performance Review legislation 3012-d and the district’s expanded STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program at the Board’s Oct. 5 meeting.

Dr. Michael Israel, assistant superintendent for curriculum, technology and instruction, presented changes to New York State Education Department regulations to comply with the legislation to those in attendance and spoke about educator ratings and their implications. These ratings will reflect two components: observations and student performance, related to state assessments. He emphasized the requirement that each school district must work with their teacher’s union and administrator's union to negotiate and implement a new APPR plan for their district. District’s that have not submitted a new plan by November 15 must submit a hardship waiver or risk the possibility of losing state aide.

Also presenting at the meeting were teachers Ken Altamirano, Cheryl Carmody and Jessica Cialeo, who discussed the district’s expanded STEM program at the elementary level. This school year, students in grades K-2 will take part in a hands-on STEM class every other week, while those in grades 3-5 will meet for one period each week. The STEM teachers are also working with the students’ classroom teachers to ensure integrated learning.