STEM Students Learn About Technology

Gribbin STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) students in grades K-2 are currently studying technology and engineering.

The students are learning that technology is usually created to solve a problem, and that it is not restricted to electronic devices such as iPads or computers, but also includes everyday items such as toothbrushes, ice cream scoops, Band-Aids and sunglasses.

During a recent lesson, teacher Jessica Cialeo spoke about the job of an engineer. After learning that engineers design and create new technologies, the students completed an activity in which they paired up to closely observe and name the object in a “mystery bag” that they had been given. The children had to draw and label a diagram of their object and answer questions such as: What does my object do? What problem does my object solve? What material is it made out of?

At the end of the class, Cialeo told students they would be starting a new engineering program called “Engineering Is Elementary," created by the Boston Museum of Science. She explained that over the next few weeks, they would be learning much more about technology and engineering and how these fields relate to their lives.