Swimming Fun for Landing Students

Landing third-graders recently visited the YMCA at Glen Cove to receive swim instruction as part of their physical education class.
 Upon arrival at the YMCA pool, the students were fitted with swimming bubbles, if needed. The instructors then divided the students into small groups based on their swimming skill levels. Third-grade teacher Robin Tenke said the program is an important part of the physical education curriculum.
 “So many children need to learn to swim,” Tenke said. “It’s amazing how much they learn in just nine weeks.”

The instructional swim class is part of a nine-week program offered to all of Glen Cove City School District’s third-grade students thanks to a partnership with the YMCA organization. According to Athletic Director Denise Kiernan, aquatics is recommended in the New York State Syllabus for Physical Education and is a valuable, lifetime skill that teaches children to respect and to appreciate an aquatic environment in a safe manner.