Student Council Election at Connolly


Connolly School students exercised their right to vote when their school’s student council held an election prior to Election Day.

As part of the campaign, class representatives vying for the positions of president, vice president, treasurer, archivist and secretary delivered speeches to the student body. Each candidate explained why they would be the best choice to represent their school and discussed how they would make Connolly a better place.

Superintendent of Schools Maria Rianna and Glen Cove Mayor Reginald Spinello were on hand for the student election. Rianna told the students that she applauded the candidates’ decision to run.

“These young men and women chose to get involved,” she said. “This is a difficult decision. They all have decided to take on additional responsibilities.”

Spinello told the candidates they were all winners for stepping up to the plate and reminded the students to vote for someone who would do a good job.

“It’s not important if the person is your friend; what’s important is to vote for someone who’s going to offer something to the school that’s better,” he said.

Student council advisers Susan Stanco and Monique Vaccaro said holding the election allows students to see how the democratic process works, in addition to giving them an opportunity to brainstorm ideas on how to improve the school. Principal Rosemarie Sekelsky told the student body to make an informed decision before casting their vote and encouraged the children to take notes during the candidates’ speeches.