Diversity Day at Finley

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Finley School eighth-graders enjoyed multicultural cuisine when they took part in the school’s annual Diversity Day celebration, which served as a culminating activity to their study of immigration.
As part of their study of immigration from 1890-1920, students in American History were tasked with creating a project on a fictional immigrant based on historical facts. They had to identify the country from which their study had emigrated and the reasons for his or her emigration. They also had to describe what the immigrant’s journey to America was like and his or her experience upon arrival. Students in the American History honors classes were also asked to compare and contrast immigration at the turn of the 20th century with that of the present day. The students impressed their teachers with their projects, which included posters, letters and creative artwork.
Social studies teachers Meredith Murolo and Danielle Treder said the assignment showed students how they are connected to history.
“We have a very diverse school, and it’s important for the students to understand that we were all immigrants,” Treder said. “We have all had struggles, but it’s possible to make a wonderful life in America.”  
Murolo and Treder also expressed their gratitude to the eighth-grade team teachers who led various classroom activities that reinforced the immigration study and those who helped set up for the celebration.