Landing Students Know Their Rights

How does a school year begin at a Blue Ribbon School? With a family gathering, of course!  
In keeping with tradition, Landing Elementary School Principal Dr. Michael Israel gathered his family (of students) by grade level in the building’s all-purpose room to set a positive tone for the new school year. This entailed providing students with the opportunity to review their individual rights listed on each grade level's “Landing Bill of Rights” compact.
"It is my job as your principal to make sure that each of you can come to school each day and learn in a safe and caring environment,” Dr. Israel told his students. “It is your job to follow our school rules, show respect to the adults who watch over you, and take care of one another."
Students sealed their promise to uphold these rights by signing their names to the compact. Teachers and staff also signed their names to the agreement, which will be displayed in the all-purpose room for the duration of the school year. Teachers continue to discuss these important rights with their classes by reviewing the Landing School Student Handbook.
"The success of any school year is best achieved when everyone comes together to define and work toward common goals,” added Dr. Israel. “Making behavioral expectations clear to all on the first day of school helps to set a positive and productive tone for the school year ahead."