Congratulations, All-County Students

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The Nassau Music Educators Association designated 34 students from the Glen Cove City School District as All-County musicians. These students have been selected based on last year’s New York State School Music Association scores and teacher recommendations. Performances will be held at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts in January.

The Glen Cove Music Department and members of the administration congratulate these students on this outstanding musical achievement.

Glen Cove High School:
Chorus (Ed Norris)
Evelina Backiel   
Arden Sanders D'Alleva
Marissa Fahey
Elizabeth Grieco
Brendan Hamel   
Hailey Trif

Orchestra (James Guarini and Brittney Frank Rifkind)
Patricia Abraham   
Amanda Ieraci
Megan Smith   

Band (Brittney Frank Rifkind)
Catherine Hatala   

Finley Middle School:
Chorus (Joy Sullivan)
Julia Abbondanza
Kylie Jenkins
Mia Martinez
Kristen Sita
Maya Taylor
Isabelle Unger

Orchestra (Christopher Lippe)
Amadea Cipriano
Owen O'Regan

Band (James Guarini and Keith Schmidt)
Josiah Ashalew
Gregory Villafane  
Abbigail Weiser   
Miranda Weiser

Connolly Elementary School:
Chorus (Sandra Vigliotti)
Bethel Ashalew
Nathan Napolitano
Rachel Soloman
Elle Woska

Orchestra (JoAnn Criblez)
Brooke Tran

Band (Ed Smith)
John Ktistakis   

Landing Elementary School:
Chorus (Sandra Vigliotti)
Christine Calderon
Aisling Greene     
Milagros Guevara  
Kathryn Houghton  
Alyssa Lomini        

Band (Ed Smith)
Danielle Ginez