Noah Kopetic Wins Spelling Bee

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Connolly fifth-grader Noah Kopetic was named victor when the school’s top fifth-grade spellers went head to head in a Scripps Spelling Bee contest on Dec. 2.
In all, 10 students competed in the event, after placing first and second in their individual class spelling bees. During the competition, each student took turns spelling words off the Scripps Spelling word list, presented by AIS teacher Nancy Cox in front of the entire fifth-grade class. After several intense rounds between Kopetic, Matthew Bailey and Eli Rodti, Kopetic prevailed and now has the opportunity to compete in the Hofstra Long Island Regional Scripps Spelling Bee.

Principal Rosemarie Sekelsky commended fifth-graders Bailey, Jake Delgado, Carlene Genova, Christopher Gielbeda, Eric Graziose, Kopetic, Shefali Mahapatro, Roditi, Lisbeth Sanchez and Adel Waly on their outstanding performances.