Glen Cove Vex Robotics Teams Win Big in Competitions

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The Men in Black with the all-new Impossible Mission Force robotics teams earned five trophies in two different Vex competitions and made history by hosting the very first official Southern New York Vex IQ competition.
Glen Cove High School students Michael Montalvo and Shevon Rodrigo, along with behind-the-scenes teammate Andrew Woska, brought two robots to fifth and eighth place at the iDesign and Jericho High School “Nothing but Net” Vex robotics competition on Dec. 12. Shevon (driver) and Michael (ghost driver) brought Robots 144A and 144E to the quarterfinals, earning them the lead position of choosing two alliance partners for the remainder of the competition.
The Finley Middle School members of the MIB and IMF are to be commended not only for competing for the very first time in a Vex IQ competition, but also for hosting the first official Southern New York Vex IQ robotics competition.
It was an exciting day for the Finley students, as they competed in an exemplary manner, earning five different awards, including the first-place tournament champion trophy. The tournament win qualified the teams to compete in the state championships. In addition to the tournament champion trophy, they also received the Excellence Award, Best Design Award, Robot Skills Award and The Amaze Award.
A representative from the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation gave the middle school students a "thumbs-up" for an exciting and well-run event. The teams would like to thank Joyce Poupko from iDesign Solutions for donating four door prizes of robot parts for the students to earn as they demonstrated their knowledge of Vex robotics by answering questions.

The students would also like to thank Dan Gervat for keeping score and Angela Zuppa, their official field referee; high school team members Andrew Woska and Shevon Rodrigo for running tournament manager and master of ceremonies, respectively; and their coach, Lisa Pignataro, saying they “couldn't have done it without them!”