Landing Kids Listen and Learn from the Sensei

Students at Landing Elementary School participated in an assembly conducted by Sensei Hender Alvarado of Gold Martial Arts in Glen Cove. Sensei Hender’s presentation focused on improving communication skills with young students and teaching them how to detect and avoid bullying.
“Our goal is to build upon the students listening skills and focus their energies in the right way,” said Landing Principal Dr. Michael Israel. “And of course, prevent bullying.”
Sensei Hender taught students how to demonstrate proper posture as well as the rules of listening and focusing: listen and focus with your eyes, mouth, and body as well as your ears. Respecting others and refraining from and discouraging bullying were also key messages of the day. He also reinforced that karate is about discipline rather than violence, and that the physical aspect of the martial arts is exclusively used in self-defense.
“Karate is not about breaking someone’s nose, or breaking someone’s arm, or taking someone down,” Sensei Hender told the students. “Karate is about protecting yourself and not letting someone hurt you.”
A Third-Degree Black Belt who has been practicing martial arts for 23 years, Sensei Hender serves as the head instructor at Gold Martial Arts in Glen Cove. He and the rest of his staff believe that martial arts provide essential tools for success in school and in life.