A Special Author Visit for Deasy Students

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Deasy School first-grade teacher Steve Bromberg shared his recently published book “Simple Sam Eats…What?” with students and faculty as part of the school PTA’s Pick a Reading Partner celebration.
Bromberg, who writes under the pen name Mr. B, has been employed with the Glen Cove City School District for 10 years. He said it was amazing to be able to share his writing.

“It’s one thing to share your work with family and friends, but to show my students that their writing can become reality is a major accomplishment,” he said.

During the assemblies, Bromberg read his book to the entire student body, who came dressed in pajamas for the PARP activity. He also read the transcript of his new book, which he hopes to get published. In both stories, the main character tries to overcome his apprehension of trying new things such as foods, roller coasters, etc.

According to Bromberg, one major goal when writing his books is to make them easy enough for first- and second-graders to read individually and with their parents. He also makes them pliable for other teachers to use as part of a classroom lesson.