Landing’s Acosta Spelling Bee Champion

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Landing School fifth-grader Valerie Acosta was named the winner of the school’s annual Scripps Spelling Bee.
Valerie and nine other students took part in the competition after placing first and second in their individual class spelling bees. Principal Benjamin Roberts served as moderator for the event, presenting words off the Scripps Spelling word list to students.
Bee organizers, fourth-grade teacher Margaret Clark and fifth-grade teacher Denise Pawlowski, congratulated Valerie, runner-up Natalie Fuchs and the following students on their outstanding performances: Ashlee Alvarenga, Daniel Barajas, Destiny Brown, Lilia Landaverde, Ricardo Ochoa, William Romero, Juan Yepez and Edward Yun.
Valerie will now move on to the Hofstra Long Island Regional Scripps Spelling Bee at Hofstra University on March 13.