PARP Wraps Up at Landing

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Landing students celebrated the end of a very successful Pick a Reading Partner campaign with a special schoolwide assembly.  

The children were tasked with reading more than 40,000 minutes during the school’s two-week PARP celebration. Principal Benjamin Roberts was very excited to announce that students met and exceeded the school’s reading goal, reading a total of 42,000 minutes over the course of the two weeks. For exceeding their goal, the students were rewarded with a special principal’s challenge.
Students were selected from each classroom to participate in the special challenge, with several having an opportunity to spin the  “Wheel of Fate,” which determined the type of challenge Mr. Roberts had to accept. The wheel gave the children several fun and exciting options to make their principal pay the price. They were overjoyed when the wheel landed on directives to throw a pie at the principal, smash an egg on his head, or have him lead a schoolwide line dance.

Great job to all of the Landing students and families in exceeding the reading minutes goal!