Quill Awards for Glen Cove Students

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Two Glen Cove High School student reporters received prestigious Quill Awards at Adelphi University’s 2016 Press Day for high school journalists.  

Junior Roselle Cacio wrote about her personal experience with African boat refugees whom she assisted as a volunteer with an Italian organization in Sicily. Her opinion piece, “African Refugees Need Our Help,” appeared in the Fall 2015 issue of the high school newspaper, The Cove-er Times. Cacio placed third in the Best Opinion category with her descriptive account of the horrors faced by young women escaping Boko Haram.   

Junior Tami Gitlin, managing editor of The Cove-er Times, received an honorable mention in Best Editorial for her detailed piece on the reasons behind our need to work. Her article, “2016 Chugging Along or Full Speed Ahead,” addressed inertia and motivation in seeking life paths.

Arlene Munson, the club’s editorial advisor, praised the students’ dedication, courage and skill in presenting their views. The competition drew more than 300 entries and represented the top young writers on Long Island. Congratulations to both students.