Deasy Second-Graders Enjoy Sports Night

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More than 100 people were in attendance for Deasy School’s annual Second-Grade Sports Night, held on March 2 at Finley Middle School.

This was truly an event for everyone, as all students and their parents had the opportunity to participate. During the first activity session, parents looked on as their children performed locomotor warm-ups, which included galloping and jogging, followed by games of healthy snack tag, oxygen tag and center work. The students also answered challenging questions on heart health, and parents observed some of the physical education topics their children have been learning with physical education teacher Chris MacDonald.

In the second activity session, parents joined the fun by competing with and against the kids. Second-grade teachers Diane DePietro, Meryl Gordon, Maura Haff and Marci Notice, as well as Principal Ken Craft, all helped with and participated in the activities.