A Study on Famous American Women

Fifth-graders in Alison Fletcher’s class at Connolly School recently presented research projects on the substantial contributions of American women as part of its Famous American Women celebration.

The students worked on the projects throughout the month of February, using books and Internet sources to find facts about each subject’s early life, their main accomplishments, and the influence they had on their community and the United States. Betsy Ross, Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis were a few of the women highlighted, with the students providing not only facts, but also their opinions of what their subjects had achieved in their lifetimes. After sharing their research, the students answered questions from Fletcher and their classmates.  

According to Fletcher, the research assignments aligned with the fifth-graders’ social studies curriculum, which centers on the Western Hemisphere. She said the research was important because many of the women studied held powerful roles and were pioneers in their time.