Robotics Teams Qualify for World Championship

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Glen Cove’s VEX Robotics teams, the Men in Black and Impossible Mission Force, qualified for the World Championship Tournament in Louisville, Kentucky.  

The combined MIB and IMF VEX Team 144 ended the season with two sportsmanship awards in the VEX Robotics competitions, along with four first-place awards, four design awards, three excellence awards, a programming skills award, three robot skills awards, and an Amaze Award in the VEX IQ competitions.  

This year, Glen Cove hosted three successful robotics events at the middle school and high school. The district was also responsible for bringing to Southern New York the first-ever VEX IQ official tournament. All of the students on both teams participated in seven regional events this year, ending with the VEX IQ team competing in states and the VRC team running the Southern New York State Championship event.

Robotics adviser Lisa Pignataro congratulated each team member for their hard work and dedication and a successful year in robotics. Special thanks goes to team members Shevon Rodrigo, Samantha Seery, Evelyn Sullivan and Andrew Woska for all their hard work in running the State Championship Tournament, and to all of the middle school VEX IQ team members: Jacen Braja, Jonathan Holden, Damian Luterek, Sebastian Martinez, Maximus Von Massenbach, Miranda Weiser and Philip Wlodarczyk, who competed in the State Championship Tournament. The team earned the Excellence Award and had four robots place in the top five.