Landing Students Shine at Science Fair

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Landing School fifth-graders presented unique scientific experiments to schoolmates and family members at a science fair on March 17.

Prior to the fair, the students conducted online research on different topics and selected an experiment they hoped to complete. After receiving their teacher’s approval, they were guided step-by-step on the scientific method and how to create their desired experiment. They tested their experiments at home and created poster boards that reflected their work.

Fifth-grade teacher Denise Reynolds said participation in the science fair enhances self-esteem while giving students an opportunity to practice public speaking. She also indicated that the process encourages students to think more critically.

“By testing different variables, they are going to see some type of reaction, which will show them that there’s a scientific reason for whether or not their experiment worked,” she said.

  Principal Benjamin Roberts thanked all of the outstanding teachers and supportive families who made the fifth-grade science fair a huge success.     
“I am so very proud of our students for their hard work, creativity and ingenuity in making their science fair projects,” Roberts said. “All of our students were extremely proud of their projects and were even more excited to explain to fellow students, teachers and special guests what they learned.”