Glen Cove Students Attend Leadership Symposium

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Glen Cove High School AP government and politics classes attended a special Evaluation of Presidential Leadership Symposium for High School Students at Hofstra University on March 23.

The event featured Hofstra’s Peter S. Kalikow Center for the Study of the American Presidency Senior Presidential Fellows Ed Rollins, a Republican Party strategist, and Howard Dean, former Vermont governor and Democratic presidential candidate.  

In preparation for the event, students from all participating high schools were assigned to write essays on one of three following topics:
• How will the Obama presidency's political leadership and policies influence the 2016 presidential race?
• What does the popularity of presidential candidates who do not have previous political experience, or have recently entered politics, illustrate about the American public's interests and concerns today?
• How have the political party debates informed public understanding of the presidential candidates' leadership?
The winning essay(s) were shared with Dr. Dean and Mr. Rollins who received copies of the selected essays prior to the symposium.

Congratulations to Glen Cove winners Alexandra Casale and Maria Krisch. Their essays will be published in a commemorative booklet, with a copy to be sent to each of the essay winners, the AP teachers, the high school principal and the superintendent of schools.