Glen Cove Senior Honored at Board Meeting

Glen Cove’s Board of Education honored Glen Cove High School senior Makaela Vaughan at its meeting on April 11.

Makaela was recently named the Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club’s 2016 Youth of the Year, with the organization describing her as an excellent student, a star athlete and a positive and outstanding role model for her siblings and its younger members.

Glen Cove High School Principal Antonio Santana and Superintendent of Schools Maria Rianna commended Makaela at the meeting, where she was given a certificate to honor her achievement.

“You’re an outstanding individual, a wonderful young lady and student, for all that you do, not just here, but for all of the children in the community, I thank you,” Rianna said. “It’s my honor to be your superintendent.”

Makaela is headed to Albany at the end of May where she will compete against other local winners at the Boys & Girls Club state level competition. At that event, she will be tasked with presenting her “personal brand,” (what she stands for) to a panel of judges. She plans on pursuing a career in law enforcement and is determined to make the world a better place.