Students Exercise Their Right to Vote

Students at Connolly and Landing Elementary Schools received a living lesson in civic responsibility and the workings of the democratic process during their annual Student Council elections. Borrowing from real politics, candidates for president and other offices campaigned with posters and slogans. With the student body assembled before them, they presented speeches outlining their qualifications and major campaign promises, which included ideas for expanding community service, environmental action, and making everyone’s voice heard. In order to make informed decisions, student voters carried clipboards to jot down notes about each candidate’s major platform promises. Platforms were realistic and truly beneficial to the school environment (there were no promises to end homework).

Glen Cove Mayor Ralph Suozzi and challenger Paul Meli stopped by to share some words of wisdom with the children, with the Mayor offering some support for his son, Alex, who was later elected to the office of Treasurer at Connolly School. After each candidate presented his or her speech, students voted for the candidate they believed would be the best person to lead their school this year.

Connolly School Student Council
President: Michael Vaughan
Co-Vice Presidents: Solange Unger and Christina Cavallone      
Treasurer: Alex Suozzi   
Secretary: Adriana Gigliotti
Archivist: Sofia Costantino

Landing School Student Council
Co-Presidents: Anthony Rant and Szymon Frye
Co-Vice Presidents: William Centeno and Mauricio Zelaya
Co-Secretaries:  Devon Thurmond and Arden Sanders-D'Alleva
Co -Treasurers:  Jazmine Gilreath and Laisha Rivera
Co -Historians:  Ana Cruz and Raina Dahmecha