The Great Egg Drop

Finley Middle School students in Greg McGahan’s and Natalie Camisa’s science classes collaborated for an “Egg Drop” competition, as students brainstormed, then created, various protective casings to secure an egg and prevent it from breaking when dropped 25 feet from a classroom window.

Innovative ideas included a rubber glove with wet cotton balls, a loaf of bread, and an iPhone box with rubber bands inside. Students were not allowed to use bubble wrap, foam or other conventional materials used to pack and ship materials. The project provided them with an opportunity to solve a real-world problem while following the scientific method. They based their process on NASA’s efforts to build a Space Transport System that would protect an astronaut during a 12,000 mile per hour crash landing on a rocky surface comparable to Mars.

The majority of the eggs dropped survived. In this case, students truly thought outside of the box to protect what was inside the box.