Enjoying the Fruits (and Vegetables) of their Labor

Deasy Elementary School students had the opportunity to taste their own produce, as vegetables grown in the school’s garden were used as a healthy topping for their pizza during a recent snack. While some students preferred eating their vegetables off the slice, most agreed that the pizza tasted better with the veggies on.

Construction on the Deasy vegetable garden was completed in time for the students to plant various vegetables in early October and witness their fall harvest blossom by the end of the month. Teich Garden Systems built the enclosed garden with funding through a grant. The school community, including parents and staff, had input into the planning. “Farmer Brian” even stopped by to give students some lessons on growing.

Last year, the Deasy School PTA approached Principal Nomi Rosen with an idea to kick off a community outreach event to promote healthy lifestyles for all families in the school community. The garden helps to promote this mission by encouraging young children to eat healthy.