Bench Dedication Remembers Beloved Librarian

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Gribbin School held a beautiful bench dedication ceremony in honor of late librarian Robin Schapira on April 20.  

Schapira, who served as librarian at Gribbin and Connolly schools from 2000-2015, lost her battle with stage 4 breast cancer on Feb. 26, 2015. The staff, along with her family, wanted to honor her memory and did so with a colorful bench located on the playground, which includes a plaque that reads "Robin's Reading Bench."  

In addition to helping to fund the bench, donations made at the time of Schapira’s death went toward purchasing many books for her beloved libraries. It is the hope that students will enjoy reading books on her bench in the sunshine. During the ceremony, the school also unveiled a buddy bench purchased by Gribbin’s PTA. Also serving to grant a wish of Schapira’s, the buddy bench allows students who do not have someone to play with during recess to invite a friend to sit with them and play.