Glen Cove High School Plays Alice ‘vs.’ Wonderland

The Glen Cove High School Masquers Society will be presenting its production of Alice vs. Wonderland on Friday, December 2 and Saturday, December 3 in the Glen Cove High School auditorium. Both performances will begin at 8 p.m.

This bizarre update of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland seamlessly blends the lyrical whimsy of Alice with pop culture and high-octane physical theater. The result is a fresh, funny, and emotional remix of Lewis Carroll's classic coming-of-age tale. This Alice is a teenager, facing the terrors of adulthood. The basic structure of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland remains the same through a series of different encounters between Alice and a gallery of Wonderland ‘oddballs.’ The show has often been referred to as Carroll meets Lady Gaga.

Six different student actresses play the parts of six different Alices. They are Sabrina Ali, Victoria Andreotti, Heaven Guanco, Christina Orioli, Stephanie Orioli, and Danielle Pilla. Other cast members include Shayan Awan, Michael Banks, Alexandra Blass, Iris Brody, Caitlin Brown, Shaylin Cabroy, Victoria DiGiovanni, Matt Kolbert, Angie Martinez, Kyra Martakis, Amber Mordo, Shaquille Thompsan, Stan Tokarz, Bryana Vazques, Shania Wilcox and Angie Wolf.

Matthew Rottino is the Masquers Society advisor and director of the play. The following students have been influential behind the scenes: Marie Washington-Stage Manager; Marty Carmody-Assistant Director; Kaytlen Ayala-Artwork Design; Andrew Vela-Photography; Victoria Andreotti, Matt Kolbert, Kyra Martakis, and Angie Martinez-Program Design.

One critic stated: "Alice vs. Wonderland is a collision between pop culture and these canonical storybook characters that sparks the same smile of pleasure as the original mash-up of pious nursery rhymes."

Tickets are available at the door: $6 for senior citizens, $7 for students, and $8 for adults. The community is encouraged to come out and support the students of Glen Cove High School and enjoy the talents of these fine young performers.