ESL Students are Educated Consumers

English as a Second Language students in Jennifer Beauchamp’s class at Finley Middle School recently wrote formal business letters and mailed them to companies such as 7-11, CVS, Monster Beverage, Macy’s, 2Cute Clothing stores, and Stop and Shop. As they refined their English writing skills, the students learned how to structure a business letter and had the opportunity to register a compliment, complaint or suggestion to these companies.

“Students are showing that as consumers, they have a real voice,” said Ms. Beauchamp, who is pictured (far right) with her students, as they display their letters. The students are (left to right) Adres Mejia Alvarado, Douglas Perez, Angie Ulloa, Aldair Chavez, Blandi Sermeno, Jennifer Bonilla, Jhecsson Garcia, and Leticia Jaco.