Landing Students Participate in Jr. NBA Contest

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Students at Landing School participated in the Jr. NBA skills challenge and contest in April 2016.

In preparation for the Jr. NBA contest, Landing’s student winners took part in many practice drills to perfecting their skills. They also demonstrated their talents in front of Landing School students and staff on May 13 and participated in a practice session at Finley Middle School thanks to physical education teacher Angela Zupa.

Landing School physical education teacher Karen Serani extended her gratitude to teacher Steve Tripp for assisting with the trip. She also expressed her pride in all the students that entered the contest. Congratulations to all 13 winners on their achievement! The following students were winners in their age division:
Girls 9-10 years old
1st place: Nia Phillips (12 points)
2nd place: Kathryn Houghton (11 points)
3rd place: Lexi Bivona (6 points)

Boys 9-10 years old
1st place: Parker Wiesner  (26 points)
2nd place: Jordan Howe (19 points)
3rd place: Mitchell Muzante (15 points)

Girls 11-12 years old
1st place: Alyssah Lomini (16 points)
2nd place: Millie Guevara (7 points)
3rd place: Destiny Brown (7 points)

Boys 11-12 years old
1st place: Daniel Battle (18 points)
1st place: Jeffrey Vanegas (18 points)
2nd place: Rodni Leftwich (17 points)
3rd place: Cameron Williams (11 points)

The 13 finalists took part in the regional competition on June 5 at Chelsea Piers Connecticut in Stamford, Connecticut. The following students placed in three of the 12 winning positions at the regional finals:   
Kathryn Houghton – Girls 9-10 division, second place
Alyssah Lomini – Girls 11-12 division, third place
Parker Wiesner –Boys 9-10 division, third place

Congratulations to Kathryn, Alyssah and Parker for their winning efforts!