iPads for Finley Sixth-Graders


Finley sixth-graders kicked off the new school year with iPads, thanks to a district initiative aimed at preparing students for college and careers.

The iPad initiative began last year, with teachers in the district receiving iPads and Apple TVs to get them familiarized with the technology. Professional development was provided to instruct staff on the benefits of Google Apps for Education. Representatives from Model Schools have been working with students and teachers three times a week to assist with the transition. The devices were deployed thanks to the hard work of our Tech Service Department under the leadership of Joe Geller, Vincenzo Iannelli, Dulce Jon-Stenger, and our summer intern team.

According to Principal Nelson Iocolano, students are getting acclimated to the technology and will complete assignments using the iPads throughout the year.

“For students of this generation, Google is a verb,” said Iocolano. “To leave the power of the internet at the school door is a mistake. We want our students to be able to integrate all things digital into everyday learning.”