Glen Cove Students Vote


Glen Cove High School sophomores in Valerie Stazzone’s English class had an opportunity to vote for the next United States president as part of a culminating activity to their unit study of nonfiction.

Prior to the election, the students read multiple articles that focused on education, national security, climate change and gender equality to become familiar with the issues and views of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They also read both candidates’ platforms and watched the first two presidential debates. In class, the students discussed what they learned in a Socratic seminar. According to Stazzone, she initiated the unit by asking students if they felt they had a voice in the community.

“It’s important for the students to realize they have a voice,” Stazzone said. “When we began this unit, many of them had preconceived opinions about each candidate. Through this process, they were able to identify and focus on issues they supported and match them with the candidate that best represented their beliefs.”  

As part of the class’s election process, each student filled out a voter registration card and cast his or her vote. The votes will be tallied with the votes of other high school students across the country on