Students Partake in High School Holiday Market

Tom Lacalamatia’s ninth-grade Spanish classes at Glen Cove High School celebrated the holiday season with a lesson in commerce as students organized their own Mexican Holiday Market, also known as a “Mercado.” Several weeks before Navidad, market stalls – or puestos as they are referred to in Spanish – are set up in the plazas of most Mexican cities and towns. Vendors sell crafts (artesanias) such as ceramics, jewelry, leather goods and traditional piñatas, as well as every conceivable type of food served during the holiday season.

To replicate their own Mercado, students brought in home baked goods and traditional Mexican foods and sold them to one another using imitation pesos provided by Mr. Lacalamatia. Items were priced based on the students’ understanding of market value from their studies. Students also created signs for their puestos, as well as holiday cards and decorations. Other foreign language and ESL classes at the high school visited the classroom to sample the foods and enjoy the festivities.   

Students were graded on product presentation, creativity, grammar and spelling. The students who sold the most goods at their puesto received bonus points on their grade.