Landing Takes Part in Floorball Hockey Program

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Landing Elementary School participated in a floorball hockey program offered by the New York Islanders outreach program in partnership with Generation Floorball.

The New York Islanders provided their own branded pinnies, elementary student-sized hockey sticks and floorballs for the two-week unit. Students learned various skills related to ice hockey in their physical education classes and practiced them throughout the unit.

The floorball hockey unit culminated on Nov. 10 with a visit from Sparky the Dragon, the New York Islander mascot. Sparky joined classes, practiced skills and answered yes or no questions from students. Since Sparky can’t speak, he was eager to reply to questions with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. He was able to answer every question asked and graciously posed for pictures with students. Posters were made by Laura Ann Grande’s and Catherine Gambino’s fifth-grade classes to welcome Sparky to Landing School.

Physical education teacher Karen Serani extended her gratitude to the New York Islanders and Generation Floorball for the outreach program, saying “It was a wonderful two weeks.”