The History of Thanksgiving at Gribbin

Second-graders in Giselle Taylor’s class at Gribbin Elementary School learned the history of Thanksgiving using information on the websites and

In addition to studying the historical events of the celebrated day, the class used the Google Earth app to visualize the voyage from England to the "New Land." They also baked pumpkin muffins, made butter, (noting the scientific reason for the change from liquid to semi-solid) and created breadbasket turkeys with recycled paper grocery bags. 

As part of their studies, students learned that Native Americans were very resourceful. For instance, after hunting and capturing a deer, they would eat the meat and would write symbols on the hide or use it for blankets or clothing. The class emulated their actions by using part of the grocery bags as paper bag books, on which they drew symbols to tell stories, just like the Native Americans did. The lesson concluded with the class sharing what they were grateful for.