Students Honored at Glen Cove BOE Meeting

The Board of Education honored Glen Cove High School’s varsity boys soccer team and a high school senior who completed his Eagle Scout Service Project during its Nov. 28 meeting.

Superintendent Dr. Maria Rianna and Athletic Director Denise Kiernan expressed their pride in the soccer team members, who were named Long Island Co-champions and Nassau County Class A Champions, on their outstanding season.

“I am so proud of our team and our spectators,” Dr. Rianna said. “Other districts have said that the level of play on the field was comparable to the World Cup. You are a talented, wonderful group of individuals who have really played with honor, respect and dignity throughout the season.”

“I remember getting on the bus and speaking to you about the word ‘experience,’” Kiernan said to the players. “Do you remember that? No matter what happens in high school athletics it’s about the experience that you will remember best and this experience has provided the Glen Cove community, staff, students and yourselves with a memory that will last a lifetime.”

Also acknowledged was Glen Cove senior AJ Perfetti. AJ raised money to purchase and assist in the installation of new basketball hoops for Finley Middle School’s blacktop as part of his Eagle Scout Service Project.

Finley Middle School Principal Nelson Iocolano expressed his gratitude to AJ, as well as members of Troop 72, who helped with the installation.
“The students were using them within minutes of being installed,” Finley Middle School Principal Nelson Iocolano said of the new hoops. “This is something that will benefit the Glen Cove school community for many years to come. Thank you.”