Spelling Success for Connolly Student


Connolly fifth-grader Lila Santamaria was named the winner of the school’s Scripps Spelling Bee contest on Dec. 8.

Lila competed against the top spellers in the fifth-grade class in the competition. In all, 10 students took part in the bee after placing first and second in their individual class contests. During the competition, each student took turns spelling words off the Scripps spelling word list, presented by STEAM teacher Cheryl Carmody in front of the entire fifth-grade class. Principal Rose Sekelsky and AIS teacher Dora Ricciardi judged the event. The spelling bee concluded with Cassian Gerasimenko and Lila going head to head in several rounds before Lila spelled the word “gnarled” correctly, winning the competition.

Principal Sekelsky congratulated Lila and Cassian as well as the other contenders, Jessica Callaghan, Kate Clermont, Ava DeLuca, Serena Figliuzzi, Panagiotis Georgilis, Virginia Graziosi, Jeymee Gutierrez and Sophia Karathanasis.