Glen Cove High School Recognizes Students of the Month

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Glen Cove High School recently celebrated its Students of the Month for September, October and November. Every month, students are recognized by grade level for their hard work and achievement. In addition, the Glen Cove Rotary Club and local Knights of Columbus chapter each name their own student of the month.

The Students of the Month for September were Sydney Morris (Rotary); Jared Venegas (Knights of Columbus); freshmen Evan Koenig and Sarina Mejia; sophomores Chris Jimenez and Olivia Martino; juniors Luis Guevera and Paul Martino; and senior Azeem Ali.
The Students of the Month for October were Daniel Baboolal (Rotary); Jennifer Petulla (Knights of Columbus); freshmen Brandon Reyes and Diana Rivera; sophomores Yaquelin Clavel and David Ginez; juniors Abigail Ortiz and Mynor Recinos; and senior Jefferson Reyes.
The Students of the Month for November were Brian Shannon (Rotary); Grace Tenke (Knights of Columbus); freshmen Fatima Mendez and Skyler Wilburg; sophomores Eric Bonilla, Loany Granados Benitez and Carlos Villalobos; juniors Adiel Reyes Castaneda and Loren Negovan; and senior Enaiya Awan.