Robotics Club Cultivates Students’ Coding Abilities

Robotics Club 1
Robotics Club 2
Robotics Club 3
Robotics Club 4
District elementary students are taking their computer coding skills to the next level thanks to the district’s new Robotics Club.
The club members, made of students in grades four and five at Connolly and Landing schools, recently took part in the Wonder League Robotics Competition. As part of the contest, students were charged with programming two robots “Dash” and “Dot”  using their iPads and the Wonder app to complete four different challenges. The students worked in teams, writing code to navigate the different movement of their robots, such as distance, speed, angles of movement and the turning on and off of lights.
After completing missions, each group shared their work on the Wonder League website. STEAM teacher Kenneth Altamirano said the club has allowed students to build on their coding skills, teamwork and logic.

“It really has stretched the coding skills the students have learned in their STEAM classes.” Altamirano said. “It also has taught them perseverance,  determination, problem solving and critical thinking. Everyone on the team has a role.”