Glen Cove High School Students Get REAL

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Musical numbers, tap dancing and guitar playing took center stage at Glen Cove High School when educator/entertainer Jamel Hudson visited the school to speak to students about bullying prevention.
The highly entertaining assembly focused on types of bullying, such as cyberbullying and workplace bullying, and what students can do to combat it.  Hudson encouraged students to “be the person to say something” when they witness bullying. He also sang several songs, including “It’s a New Day” and “What are you Trying to Prove?” to shed light on how students can empower themselves by having confidence in who they are. He explained that people who bully use those behaviors because they have yet to find their own gifts. Hudson reminded the students that they don’t know what others may be dealing with or battling.
During the assembly, students were asked to turn to their neighbor and let them know they possessed talents. They also sang along with Hudson during his performance. The meeting concluded with Hudson telling students they can combat bullying with REAL (respect, education, acceptance and leadership).