Parents Partner with Schools and Community for Student Literacy

As part of the two-week national celebration of literacy known as PARP (Parents as Reading Partners), elementary schools in the Glen Cove School District welcomed guest readers from throughout the community to spend some time with young children sharing their favorite books and promoting their love of reading.  

PTA leaders, school district administrators, teachers, staff members, and even some older students joined readers representing the City of Glen Cove Police and Fire departments, elected officials from various branches of local government, the senior citizen population and other dedicated volunteers from in and around Glen Cove for respective Community Reader events held at the district’s elementary schools.

Glen Cove Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph A. Laria and Glen Cove City Major Ralph Suozzi were among the long list of invited guests who volunteered a few minutes out of their workday to promote literacy, much to the young hosts’ delight. The Mayor even donated small flashlights to children at Connolly School so they could read at night. Connolly School students also stopped by Gribbin School to read to the younger elementary school students.

In addition to the Community Readers, the schools hosted various activities throughout the two weeks of PARP. To kick off the adventure at Deasy School, Principal Nomi Rosen dressed as Ms. Frizzle, a character from The Magic School Bus series, while other principals ‘challenged’ their students to read a certain number of books in exchange for performing a task of the students’ choice. Gribbin School welcomed Alyssa Satin Capucilli, author of the popular children’s series “Biscuit the Dog.” Schools also held pajama reading days, ‘bring a stuffed animal to read with’ days, and many other events to enhance the reading experience and make it more fun.

PARP is held every year in the Glen Cove School District. This year’s theme was “Travel Into a Book; Enjoy Your Adventure.” Fifth graders Jasmine James of Landing Elementary School and Alontra Schuck of Connolly Elementary School each designed a logo that serves as the official designs for PARPP 2012.