Blubber Glove Experiment at Deasy

Blubber Glove Experiment at Deasy thumbnail72723

Deasy first-graders in Cynthia Geraci's class have been researching penguins and the physical adaptations that help them survive in cold weather.

To bring the curriculum to life, students participated in the Blubber Glove experiment, where they were able to feel the warmth that blubber provides to warm-blooded animals in freezing conditions. First, students placed one hand into a bowl of ice water for ten seconds. Then, they put on a Blubber Glove (a glove lined with a layer of margarine to simulate blubber). The students then placed their hand back into the water for ten more seconds and could easily feel the difference that blubber helps to keep out the cold and insulates heat within a penguin's body.