Imagination and Innovation

Connolly Elementary School recently held its annual Fourth-Grade Science Fair.

Whether it was Kendall Grennan’s project on how to save kilowatt usage entitled “Save Energy on Earth,” or Andrew Sabatino’s “Earthquake Shake,” which identifies the surfaces that best support a structure through the aforementioned natural disaster, fourth graders provided interesting solutions to global problems. From hypothesis to conclusion, they gave detailed accounts of their journey through the scientific process. Every project was hands-on and taught the students about research, trial and error, and to become more self-reliant, logical thinkers.

Other projects of interest included Brian Becktold’s “Fruit Battery” and Kristyn Cardali’s “Potato Power,” which determined if either fruits or potatoes provide energy, respectively. Through the use of magnets and cereal, Eva Sunshine performed an exercise on iron levels in the foods we eat, while Rosa Bonilla used a prism, crayons and a flashlight to demonstrate how rainbows form. Julia Abbondanza even got her hands dirty to show that not even identical twins have the same sets of fingerprints.

Connolly School’s Fifth-Grade Science Fair will be held this Friday, February 10.