Regent Tilles Visits Glen Cove

Regent Tilles Visits Glen Cove

Elementary students demonstrated what they’re learning in class when the district welcomed New York State Regent Roger Tilles on March 7.

Regent Tilles began his visit with students from Amy Mendrinos’ fourth-grade class at Landing School. During their meeting, Regent Tilles read his favorite book “Little Hummingbird,” as well as a variety of poems to the students. They also enjoyed discussing different literary devices used in poems and had an opportunity to ask Regent Tilles questions about his role on the Regents Board. The students presented their guest with a book of poems they penned as part of their classroom learning. Fifth-grade STEAM students at Landing were also visited and showed off the school’s new virtual sandbox as they took part in a lesson on topography.

The next stop was Gribbin School, where Regent Tilles had an opportunity to see second-grade students from Giselle Taylor’s class present their Extreme Weather research. Students, with help from Taylor and STEAM teacher Jessica McKenna, created digital books using the app Book Creator. The educators and students also explained their use of the app Seesaw, which allows them to share their schoolwork with classmates as well as their families.

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Dr. Michael Israel accompanied Regent Tilles.

“This visit was such a wonderful display of what the district has to offer,” Dr. Israel said. “Our students did an excellent job in showcasing their many talents and strong desire to learn under the watchful eye and leadership of our dedicated teachers.”