National Nutrition Month at Gribbin

National Nutrition Month at Gribbin Photo 1
National Nutrition Month at Gribbin Photo 2
National Nutrition Month at Gribbin Photo 3

In celebration of National Nutrition Month, Matthew Millan, a first-grader in Antoinette Hatzopoulos' class, was excited to have his mom give a hands-on nutrition lesson to his classmates.

Sharon Millan, a registered dietician, taught students about a colorful food plate and making healthy choices. The students then chose items from each food group to create their own healthy plate. Best of all, they ate everything.  

Some of their choices included turkey, peanut butter, apples, pears, carrots, peppers, cucumbers and bread sticks.  They also used circulars and created a meal by cutting out pictures that represented food from each food group. 

After the visit with Mrs. Millan, students headed off to physical education class with Mr. Mark Checola, where they learned about having a healthy heart by eating nutritious foods and getting regular exercise. 

The students expressed their thoughts by writing thank you letters to Mrs. Millan.