Global Day of Design at Glen Cove

Global Day of Design at Glen Cove Photo

Glen Cove students in grades K-2 at Deasy and Gribbin schools took part in the Global Day of Design on May 2, a national movement that encourages students to participate in innovative thinking and creating during one 24-hour period.

Using maker space supplies, including making tape, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, glue and recycled materials, second-graders at Deasy created the community of Glen Cove, equipped with homes, businesses, animals and vehicles for transportation. Meanwhile, other Deasy students engaged in a variety of building centers throughout the day, building rollercoasters, a dinosaur and rocket ship using Legos. At Gribbin, students enjoyed making a multitude of items, including a castle, a movie theater, a pirate ship and butterflies.

According to STEAM teacher Jessica McKenna, the activities encouraged critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication amongst students. Teachers and students had a wonderful time creating!