Finley’s Environment Club Cleans Up

Finley’s Environment Club Cleans Up Photo
On a recent bright and sunny afternoon, many members of the Finley Middle School environment club rolled up their sleeves for a good cause.
First, they cleaned up debris that had been left behind from previous events, along with some that had simply blown into the courtyard from the neighboring parking area. Next, came the big job of cleaning up the leaves. In addition, students worked on removing sticks and branches, organized garden hoses and pulled weeds. Fun was had by all, especially when it was time to plant.  

Students planted tulips throughout various flowerbeds and a perfect spot was designated for a new flowering tree.

It was a wonderful experience for all those who participated. They worked tirelessly and put in team effort. Many students mentioned how anxious they were to tell their parents so they could do some gardening at home as well.